With property being such a significant asset to a company or individual, it's important to speak with an experienced insurance broker when arranging cover.

Our advisors are here to discuss the risk with you, offering their extensive knowledge and experience in ensuring you have the right cover that suits your needs.

Through our active partnership with Gauntlet Insurance, we can provide bespoke cover at competitive premium rates. Gauntlet is one of the country’s leading insurance brokers and, working under the umbrella of the Gauntlet Insurance Group, we’re supported in sending policy documentation and invoices where applicable, enabling us to focus entirely on the needs of our clients.

Under the Financial Conduct Authority, Gauntlet works in partnership with our team, supporting us with industry regulations, compliance updates, and allowing us to focus on the heart of our service: long-term relationships that deliver a comprehensive understanding of your needs and how they adapt over time.


Star Property Insurance specialises in building insurance for landlords, freehold companies, residents’ associations and RTM companies. Our portfolio and services cover:

Commercial Properties

While we primarily advertise ourselves to focus on rented houses, converted properties, purpose-built blocks of flats and commercial properties, we are happy to discuss any needs that may fall outside of those. For more information on how we can support you with your insurance needs, please get in touch.


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